MISSION:Virtual Mobile Apps
Global implementation of multilingual versions in 1000 languages and dialects designed and developed for: VECTOR CONTROL - everywhere To detect and isolate ALL virus-disseminating vectors from local mutant inception, however remote and any language, to global pandemic infestation. VICTIM CARE - in isolation anywhere Multilingual daily health monitor Self-care of simple situations Tele-care of complex conditions


Constitute the most practical and immediate response to potential, impending or established pandemics locally and globally. Pandemics are a global problem. Vector Control and Victim Care require a global response which necessitates global cooperation and coordination as well as global resources. Medical care is communication intensive which poses a significant challenge in today’s diverse cosmopolitan communities. However, 21st century tele-technologies facilitate vocal trans-lingual communication.


Automated, virtual, trans-lingual, tele-technologies combined with digital data bases and medical informatics, international digital symptom classification and, linguistic equivalents library, Variety of medical checklists from contact tracing and vaccine eligibility to home care and specialist consultation. Virtual interview detects COVID symptoms and severity. Server then generates data-based triage and follow-up tables as well as professional reports in English,French and Spanish or in any other language, to be emailed to consultants for informed tele care.

This is a massive undertaking in response to a formidable global viral predator challenge, but necessary to avoid tectonic disruption of the current geo-political, socioeconomic landscape of the planet
This would require intensive international resource applications, cooperation and coordination- and leadership